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Big Bang is a K-pop boy band, yes. But they are also a world famous acting-troupe of 5 cross-dressing members that make fun of famous dramas!
Here are some (if not all) of the drama parodies they've done!
Their parody of Beethoven Virus, in which Seungri becomes the girl who dances terribly, and wears pink tutus, never forgetting to put in a few words about their great leader, Yang Hyun Suk!
This time, Daesung plays the girl, and wow are his (...her?) sneezes impressive. Is it because of all the flower boys? How is he swooning over F4? Big Bang Over Flowers!
As you all have been waiting for... G-Dragon is the girl this time! Except... he's a guy playing a girl who is pretending to be a guy that is later revealed to actually be a guy in... Coffee Big Bang?
And of course, the classic Secret Big Bang, where TOP steps up the game and kisses both Seungri AND GD (without faking it with cameos)!!
So why is TOP always playing the male lead? Why was Taeyang never a female? Is TOP ever going to get to kiss Taeyang? So many questions, yet too popular a band to make more of these parodies!
Secret Big Bang is my fave
I don't think T.O.P can pull off a feminine voice lol
Love this
They are so funny....I can't see T.O.P. pulling off being a girl either.