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Hey, remember that time you drew a bear in elementary school, you showed your parents, and they thought it was a rhinoceros, a tiger, or - I don't know - a dog?!

Well, what if that happened in real life. With real bears being confused for real dogs. And you owned them.

Welcome to the dilemma of Wang Kayui, a Chinese man who spent two years caring for a pair of bear cubs he'd adopted while traveling through Vietnam, all the while believing that these cubs were actually dogs.
The bears started off rather well-mannered, but after they matured to a certain point, they started harassing local pets and actually eating neighbors' chickens!
Hmm. Sounds bear-y suspicious to me.
It wasn't until Wang read about local endangered species in a leaflet from his local Public Security Bureau that he realized his dogs weren't dogs at all, but Asian Black Bears, a Category 2 protected species.
Yes. Bears.
It was only time before Wang surrendered his dog-bears to the Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Center, where according to authorities, they are in good health and will be relocated later this year.
As for Wang, it is unknown as to whether or not he will face charges for illegally possessing protected animals, but despite what happens, considering these babies grow to about 300 lbs. each, he's extremely lucky he was able to avoid any physical harm.
@danidee no, I just feel it for this guy
@danidee sigh... lol
@danidee poor guy...I just hope it's a once bitten twice shy situation
@danidee kmt... which well mannered dog doesn't bark? lol
Do bears bark? Cause if they don't that would be my first indication that they are NOT dogs
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