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Uhhhhhh @poojas you and I need to meet up and wear our sunglasses at night and sip wine or sparkling grape juice (whichever you prefer) and just viiiiiibe out to this lol.
But honestly this song is just as the title says...Relaxed and Chill. I love the way his flow goes with the beat....they pair nicely together. And the hook....idk who Peter is but Imma have to look up One Way because I dig his voice. This is so going into my music library. Like right now.
@PassTheSuga Hahaha, that's a good one. And he looks hella fine in a space suit LOL
@poojas Lol well duhh....he's outta-this-world type gorgeous.
@PassTheSuga ...productive...*facepalm* Just FYI, that whole card was purely guessing his daily routine...minus the him trying to escape to the moon part. I know that for fact! HEHEHE
@poojas you're productive! I've never thought about what T.O.P does everyday so it was very informative 👍
@PassTheSuga Uhm...I just wrote a K-drama fanfiction and a card about what TOP does every day...you have way more life than I do at the moment LMAO
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