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A went down to the hotel lobby so I could get free wifi but I just took a shower and I was too lazy to put any makeup on. It just so happened that an extremely attractive guy and his family were checking in and when they passed by me to get to the elevator we made eye contact. and I smiled at him. Ughhhhhhhh. Why didn't I take the time to do my face?!?!?! I should probably go back to my room to prevent this from happening again but I don't have the strength to move. Did I mention that I'm wearing pajamas? They're not ugly but it shows my farmer's tan...
@kpopxanime haha lucky. now that I think about it I probably didn't look as bad as I thought i did. I only wear foundation/concealer when my skin looks too horrible to go out. if I remember correctly it was a decent skin day for me but I think I was just really flustered and self conscious since the guy was really cute 😂
@JustinaNguyen I see attractive people all the time. I'm just lucky I don't see them after/during gym time (ahhh free gyms!)
I do the exact same thing. I treat the lobby like its my living room and bring out a huge pile of books, and read in my pajamas with my hair in a bun at the top of my head and no makeup on.
@JustinaNguyen yep, I totally understand, im just here getting extremely awkward around them when I see a hot guy😂
Lol predubt😂 I never wear makeup so it doesn't make a difference for me
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