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This really isnt even enough to express how devastating this is. I am speechless about this and how they were received at the airport in Mexico. By far the most disgusting thing! They are human beings and should be treated with respect for fucks sakes !!!! Like why??! Why?!
@DianaCastaneda I'll pray for them....
I swear they are not....they need attention they need to cause a commotion. I seriously think this person is not all there. I cant even imagine what i would to with all this so called "attention". As a Mexican find it repulsive. It makes me angry because I as a person I would not be able to do that. Me being the same race , cannot stand it and I think thats why it pisses me off even more. @KpopGaby
I really hope they take care of them. It would be a tragedy if something happened to them or even a fan! Imagine how it would make them feel. I dont even want to think about it.
@DianaCastaneda I feel you....They know how we are and will do anything to keep our boys safe and I have a feeling that they are doing this for fun. I can feel it but they sure don't know what position they are setting themselves in
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