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USA ELF has a lot of projects prepared for Super Junior at KCON! One being a flash mob performing DEVIL! So I'm making sure I have all the moves down so I'm ready!! I leave tomorrow for KCON & I'm freakin pumped!! This will be my first time going to any kind of Kpop event & I'll be going to my first concert there!! ^^ Anyone else excited for KCON this weekend? <3
have fun EVERYONE♡♡♡♡ I love this song and it is soooo good to see Yesung again:)
there is really going to be a flashmob?!
there are 2 for sure that will be during Kcon for SJ. Devil & the Chok Chok Dance ^^ for more info check out USA ELF they are the onea putting all these projects together @supershowolarmy