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After finishing kuroshitsuji (highly recomend!), Attack on Titan, the big bang theory (miss you sheldon :( ), the flash, the arrow , for the hundredth time, all Harry Potter movies, the hunger games trilogy and also divergent, I Need More! i cant stop XP in the moment im folowing the series "the strain" and rewatching "hero" but i really need to find another one. Any recomendations? Animes? HELP!
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@DanRodriguez weird and yet I love it so much XD @BPF1916 yeah it's really good. It got cancelled though. :( What I've seen of the X-Files is a lot of fun, I haven't seen all of it so I can't vouch for the entire series. I think it's coming back though!
I just finished watching season one of Psycho-Pass anime on Netflix. It was awesome!!! there is a second season but I only watched the first five episodes and there is a movie I need to watch. 馃樅馃挏
Psycho-Pass is a SciFi anime masterpiece, @ChibiFox. Probably sits alongside Ghost in the Shell as my absolute faves! ^__^
@DanRodriguez yah it's now one of my faves too!! :3
Tokyo Ghoul & Fairy Tail.