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Nobody was actually my very very first Kpop song, but I never stuck on it, and I never really knew it was kpop. Same with Like This and Fantastic Baby, but I liked them I just didn't know their names or about Kpop. My first ever "I know this is Kpop and I like it" song was actually......
Lucifer by Shinee! I reached all the live performances and fancams, I was hooked on for life. of course, since then, I've tried toning the fangirl in me down, but to no luck, I'm still a HUGE Kpop fangirl and now, instead of embarrassed Im proud of the fact. So wbu?
U by Super Junior^^
Mine was Lucifer too!!!
Super junior it's you and sorry sorry
My first kpop song that I listened to and it stuck was Big Bang - Lollipop!
mine was So Hot by the Wonder Girls ^^
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