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Nobody was actually my very very first Kpop song, but I never stuck on it, and I never really knew it was kpop. Same with Like This and Fantastic Baby, but I liked them I just didn't know their names or about Kpop. My first ever "I know this is Kpop and I like it" song was actually......
Lucifer by Shinee! I reached all the live performances and fancams, I was hooked on for life. of course, since then, I've tried toning the fangirl in me down, but to no luck, I'm still a HUGE Kpop fangirl and now, instead of embarrassed Im proud of the fact. So wbu?
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mine was So Hot by the Wonder Girls ^^
@kimleekwonshin that was one of my favorites when it came out!
My first song was Because of you by Afterschool !!! They were the group that changed my life.
Mine was Wonder Girls - Nobody
Me too!! Tht was the first kpop sing I've ever heard. It's so catchy