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Beauty comes with a price tag, so make every penny spent worth it.

That is my rule for most things I purchase. Some products carry a scary price tag and the sticker shock can sometimes steer me away from that section and move on to a more reasonable priced brand. What I learned from the long-run is ... price does not define the quality or effectiveness of a product or service.

So what do you splurge on what should you save on?

Splurge: Styling Tools

Do not scrimp on a quality and well-made styling tool. The thought of spending a hundred on let's say a flat iron might sounds insane but it's worth it. Better styling tools have better plates and more consistent delivery meaning better result, less damaging for the hair. They also last longer.

Splurge: Salon Deep Condition Treatments

Professional hairstylist splurge on hair treatment products. Every year or mid-year I would go to hair convention and show with my mom to learn about the latest technology, products, hair technique. Many hairstylist invest their time to improve salon service and makes sure clients' experiences are top-notch. Most of the clients who visit the salon for hair treatments also receive complimentary scalp massage and blowout styling. So, it's okay to treat yourself and get pampered by the professionals.

Save: Hair Brushes

The truth is no matter how expensive or good a brush is it will eventually break. So, should you shell out $100 on a brush? I would say... not worth it. Unless, you're a professional hairdresser I would not recommend purchasing a high-end brush. But, I suggest choosing wisely on what kind of brush you invest in. Dollar store brushes break too easily and those bristle might damage your hair. Friend your hairdresser and ask for reasonable-priced brush for your hair type!

Splurge: Hair Oil Products

There's a different between organic hair oil products and products that are too chemically processed. The bottles might come in a tiny size but a little goes a long way. Keep in mind the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type reduce chances of getting split ends, dry or oily hair.
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I need to know more about the hair oil products..... my ends are terrible