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"Nowhere to me like Jamaica. There's nowhere like my island home. Nowhere to me like Jamaica, Pearl of the Caribbean." So I have taken up the biggest challenge of all time!! Talking about my WHOLE island. (It's taking a while and a lot of thinking and I still won't cover everything, but I sure hope you all like it.) @danidee @alywoah @LizArnone @buddyesd @jlee37 @allischaaff Omg! This is going to take forever!! (start time July 28,1:30am)
Jamaica consists of fourteen beautiful and green parishes-Hanover, Westmoreland, St. James, St, Elizabeth, Trelawny, Manchester,St.Ann(my home parish), Clarendon, St. Mary, St, Catherine (my parish of birth and where I'm living at the moment), St.Andrew, Portland, St. Thomas and the ever popular Kingston(I can't see why). My most favorite parish is St.Ann. It's one of the popular tourism parish (did I say that right?), and dubbed "THE Garden Parish". In St.Ann is the very popular Ocho Rios translated "eight rivers" (for those who didn't do Spanish in school, like myself.
Jamaicans love entertainment and our visitors love to be entertained by us. There are a million and one clubs in each parish (I didn't stop to count... they're just a lot), a lot of bars and a variety of church close to those clubs and bars. Even though we party a lot, the majority of Jamaicans are Christians of all variety. There are events such as Reggae Sum Fest, Sting and Rebel Salute, ect. You can find a stage show or a dance going on somewhere any night of the week. Jamaica is the home of some popular artistes such as Bob Marley, Shaggy (Mr.Bumbastic), Sean Paul, among others. There are also plays and comedy shows held at various places. And any kind of entertainmenty you desire.
I hate to be a show off, but some of the best athletes are born here. (Recognize anyone in the pic?)
And this card would not be complete without the main course-food. These are some of the food our island is popular for I'll just go ahead and describe the pics... 1. Fried dumplings and ackee and salt fish (aka cod fish) 2. Danidee's favourite, jerk chicken and rice and peas 3. Our all popular "patty". There's beef, chicken, vegetable, soy and cheese patty sold at some of our fast food restaurants. Just follow the patty scent.
Wow! whew! This was not as hard as I thought. Anyway I hope it helps when though there's so much I've left out. I anticipate the feedback. (Finished July 28,8:59pm)
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@DaniaChicago Well, don't think, do. And when you do, link me. I'll be your guide to the fun. Let me start by suggesting that you stick to the north coast. Kingston is just for shopping(let no one tell you otherwise)
Awe. SO sweet of you to say! <3 Thx @terrecaRiley It's between Jamaica, Mexico, Barbados and Hawaii. So excited!!!
Love this! I didn't even know you were from Jamaica. My dad is from St. James in Mo'Bay. Great card! and that pic is the ackee and festival, just made me super hungry.
@jordanhamilton so cool!! Sorry, remember that festivals are elongated, those are just dumplings @DaniaChicago well, either way congrats and I hope you enjoy your celebration anywhere you choose to go
Thank you @TerrecaRiley! <3 <3 <3