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Drama: Kill Me, Heal Me
Not even joking. A literal fangirl. Ji Sung is the only one who could've pulled it off! He's a better fangirl that I will ever be...LOL
Did you guys love this as much as I did?
@yaka89 "kill me, heal me" is the whole drama title 😊
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I actually haven't γ… γ…  there are so many dramas on my need to watch list omg
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TOP Drama in my list! I love it and made me cry. I dont cry so that has to mean something. The acting is super awesome and its funny!
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Yona was my absolute favorite character in this drama! ji sung is soo freakin talented! He made me laugh till I cried! πŸ˜‚
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heck yes.!!!!! it's my #2 favorite part of the drama.!!!!
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