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Drama: Kill Me, Heal Me
Not even joking. A literal fangirl. Ji Sung is the only one who could've pulled it off! He's a better fangirl that I will ever be...LOL
Did you guys love this as much as I did?
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Waaahh im so late I have been studying since i was taking a class and it finally ended yesterday with a final ;-; Im happy its over :D Ok lol nvm about that Sadly i didnt see it but i will surr watch it!! Seems funny xD
There's no sound to those gifs but I can still hear YoNa's voice, lol
oh my gosh!!! XD that must have been very hard to do!!
If your handsome your my oppa lol.. Kills me everytime.. Jisung I love you
I will definately watch this drama again, it's one of my favourites!