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So I decided to take a screenshot of all my KPop related photos. But then there turned out to be too many. So I had to do a screenshot... Of a screenshot... I don't... Have a problem or anything...
This is just ten random of those from the first picture. I'm hoping I'm not alone, and the only person like this. (´・Д・)」 Also, there's a couple photos of me. Go ahead and ignore those haha.
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I dont see a problem because if there where there would be a problem with me 😂
I'm worse so don't worry XD
And to prove it, you're around 800, I have over 2000 on my phone >.< ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I have more than 2000 photos Kpop related on my phone and less than thirty of my personal life lmao 😂❤️💕😅
Lmao I might need to do screenshot of screenshots of screenshots