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On Reunion Island, which is located off the east coast of Madagascar, a piece of a plane that seemed to be part of a 777 was found. It has a lot of shells in it, indicating it has been there for some time.
You can see that this has a lot of similarities to a 777 as opposed to other possible wreckage that could be in the area.
UPDATE: According to Boeing, the only 777 mission is the Malaysian Airlines #MH370 that disappeared. The component has been ID'd as a "flaperon" from the trailing edge of a 777 wing.
So! It seems that we might finally get some answers about what happened to the MH370. Looking forward to seeing what else is discovered about the fate of the plane as it comes out.
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This is huge! I hope the families finally get the answers they've been waiting for for all this time.
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@danidee Same. It will be very interesting to see the followups to this.
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