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I don't wear makeup often and when I do, it's very minimal. I don't contour, strobe or attempt any fancy techniques. It takes too much time and I dislike having layers of products on my skin. It's all about the hair for me.
The best thing about hair is you can style it to frame your face and emphasize your best features. For instance, bangs to bring attention to your eyes and appearance of thinner nose. Hairstyling is cheaper than maker and there is many more options. I'll start with haircuts that make you face appear more sculpted. I also included several photos to show you what I mean.

Side Swept

Avoid blunt bangs especially if your face shape is round, oblong or if you have a bob. The straight and sharp style often make your face appear rounder. So, opt for shaggy, sideswept bangs to elongate your face. They should be no shorter than halfway down your nose. This cut also draws attention to your eyes.


A long lob below your jawline can make your face look thinner. As a general rule, the length should be 3-4 inches below your chin and can extend to the collarbone. Also, play around with the texture and shape at the end. Shatter cuts and angular shape frames your face better.

Long Layers

If you prefer long hair, then layer it. Shaggy layers create an illusion of narrow face and layers hitting your chin can soften angular face. Keep volume at the bottom.

Edgy Pixie Cut

Play with longer fringe and texture for pixie cut. The bangs should never be shorter than your eyebrows. Also, the crown should be fuller.
@HairConfetti no not that long. its maybe 1.5in downfrom my chin?
I think I have lob rn
@ shjej5835 Similar to your profile pic?