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Here is my go at writting a fanfic, @shannonl5 gave us the challenge so this is her fault XD I picked JongKey since I believe in this ship so hard XD It might be a bit long so sorry also, i try my best on typos but I dont have spell check and my korean keyboard is weird haha
Key was sitting at home, in one of his very rare down time moments. He was the only one there other than his dogs of course. Comme des & Garçons had just gotten back from the groomer and where looking very chic as he thought they should. Key went to the dog bowls and put a scoop of brand name food into their custom bowls. Some say he spoiled his dogs, but to Key they were like family, so why not give them the best he could. As soon as the food scattered in the bowl, the clicking of dog paws running came from the hallway. They raced to the bowls and ate greedly making him smile. "Good babies, eat well." He patted each on the head, not that they noticed since food was more important at the moment.
Having nothing better to do, Key gathered the leashes and harnessed each dog. He clipped some dog bags to the leash, walked out the door, listening for the click to know it shut behind him. Making his way to the elevator he pondered if Jong was busy. Key hated walking alone but didn't always have a choice. He could ask a manger to go but then it felt like work. He pushed the parking level button and the elevator doors shut. Comme des & Garçons pushed close to his legs like usual. Dogs never liked elevators. As soon as the doors opened, his arm yanked forward as the dogs shot out.
They knew which car was his and pulled him all the way there. For little dogs, they were quiet strong. It reminded Key of himself at times. He opened the door and buckled them into their dog beds, made just for them to ride outside a kennel. Once they were in, he got himself in the car and put on some sunglasses so he would be harder to recognize. Pulling out of the parking spot Key drove out onto the road and headed to the park.
He pulled into the park and shifted the gear into park. Glancing at his phone once me Key let out a sigh. "I'll just give him an open invite if he's busy then he wont reply, No big deal." Grabbing his phone he typed out a quick vauge invite to the park and hit send before he could change his mind. Getting out of the car, Key pulled on a hat that matched his coat. Since it was a public park, he had to concel himself some. Key unbuckled Comme des & Garçons and they jumped down quickly tugging him to the trail. He slowed them down to a nice pace and just took in the trees and fresh air. He didn't notice time passing, just kept going. Suddenly his phone rang, making him jump. Laughing at himself, he pulled it out of his coat pocket, checking the screen. His heart gave an extra beat. Jonghyun was calling. A smile spread on his face and Key answered. "Hello?" He asked hoping for good news. “Hey, You still at the park? I just finished a photoshoot, thought I would join you.“ Jonghyun asked on the line. Key quickly responded, "Yeah we are about half way through the trail, I can turn around and meet you." Key pulled the dogs around back toward the start. "Okay see you in a second" Jong replied. Key put his phone back in the coat and hurried down the trail. He was practicly skipping with glee and had to slow his own pace down. He was almost to the start when he locked on to a set of percing eyes.
"Hyung!" Key greeted happily, as Jong closed the gap between them. "Hi, sorry I couldn't come sooner but you know how it is." Jong said rubbing the back of his neck. Keys eyes fixed on the hand as it gripped the other mans skin pulling it, and catching him in a trance for just a moment. "What? Do I have a bug on me or something?" Jonghyun asked, causing Key to snap out of it. "Maybe but I'm not telling." Key brushed it off with a laugh. Comme des & Garçons jumped and licked at Jong, making Key frown. "Yah!" He shouted at the dogs. "You're not even that happy to see me!" Key said with a pout causing Jong to laugh. "I can't help it that I'm prettier than you." Jong said jokingly showing the brown and black dogs somw love. Key scoffed to the side, "You wish you had this face, and you know it." He replied laughing with him. Jong reached out and took Comme des leash from key. As thier hands brushed, Key melted a little but ignored it. He knew that they were group mates and friends but that was all they would be. Jong put his arm over Keys shoulder causing him to stiffen at first but Jong tugged him forward. "Let's grab lunch and head back, I got dropped off, so you drive." Key relaxed at his hyungs touch, he always felt safe when he was with Jonghyun. They strolled back to the car, each putting in a dog and getting in themselves. Jong pressed play on the stereo and symptoms was in the middle of playing. Jongs voice belting out notes. Jong joined in singing with himself, getting lost in music he loved. Key tried to focus on driving but he was distracted by the voice he loved hearing the most. He could cook or order out he decided. Key sped up to get to their building quickly before he wrecked trying to watch his hyung sing.
Key pulled into his reserved space and shifted into the resting gear. "Lets go." Key said sliding out of the car. He took a deep breath, now that he could think clearly. He got both the dogs while Jong walked around and waited resting agianst the car with a smile. Key could feel his hyung watching him, making him think about if he looked bloated today. Quickly getting the dogs out, he shut the door and tugged Jonghyun off the car toward the elevator. He locked and armed the car after hitting the button to bring the elevator. "Want to order in some Bulgogi?" Key asked knowing his Hyung liked to eat lots of meat. Jong nodded, "sounds great!" He beamed at Key and linked their arms. Key focused on every nerve in his arm. Each spot that Jong touched, Key could feel like his life depended on it. The lift came to a stop and the doors slid open. Once again Comme des & Garçons pulled his out of the elevator which ment, he pulled Jong with him too. They laughed as they stumbled togeather to the door. Jong put in the code and opened the door for Key to enter. He let the leashes go and the dogs ran to thier water bowls. "Thanks Hyung."
Key entered and took off his shoes, putting on slippers. Jong right behind him they went into the main room. Key sat on the couch. “Come here baby!" He called out to the dogs. "Miss me already?" Jong reponded sitting on the couch with Key. He laughed and looked at Jong, but was startled silent. His Hyung was looking at Key so sincerly, he didn't think it was a joke. "Oh.. I.. I... of.. of course I miss you Jong." He mumbled out, which was not like his normal confident self. "Good!" Jong said smiling brite. Key smiled back but was a bit confused. Deciding not to dwell on it, Key moved to sit on the floor and called the dogs by name. They ran in with wet faces causing Key stop them short. "Yah! Do you know what designer means!" He jumped up and snagged a towel. Returning to the floor he undressed the dogs and mopped their faces. He was finished messing with them, when Jong joined them on the floor.
Comme des was playing in his lap and Jong leaned down and gave the dog kisses, like he always did. Key smiled at how he was with dogs. He thought if Jong was reincarnated it should be as a dog. Comme des played with Jong for a bit then ran away. Jong watched him go and then moved to back and layed his head in Key's lap. Key felt at ease with Jonghyun and started to brush his finger through Jongs hair. Jong closed his eyes and started humming which he always did when he was happy. They sat like that for a while, Key could have fallen asleep if he wasn't so aware of Jonghyun who had grown quiet. He stared down at him, and pulled his hand out of jongs hair. Looking at his defined cheekbones even with a relaxed face, Key wanted to touch them. His hand slowly reached out and brushed Jongs cheek. He didn't even see Jong looking at him, Key was so focused on the lower part of his face. His eyes were stuck on Jongs lips impaticular. He almost moved this fingertip to them when they tilted up into a smile breaking the spell. Key looked at the eyes focused on him and pulled his hand back, quickly leaning back on them. Key cleared his throat looking around the room.
Jonghyun sat up and turned his body to face Key. “Why did you stop?" Jong questioned, tilting his head slightly. "What do you mean?" Key asked still not looking at his Hyung. Jong reached out and grabbed the younger man's wrist, pulling it up and toward his face. “You can touch them if you want.“ He stated placing Key's fingertips on Jong's lips. Key turned red, he was sure as he dropped his gaze but didn't remove his hand. Jong reached out and grasped Key's chin, raising it up to meet his gaze. "But I get to do the same." His breath caught as his hand dropped looking into Jonghyuns eyes to gain understanding. He thought it was a dream as Jong moved toward him and slowly brought his lips to meet Keys. It was a sweet peck and then grew deeper. His heart was pounding and his breathing grew harder. Key's hands snaked into Jongs hair and his hyung held onto Key. Then a cold snout burrowed in between them yapping and licking the men on the neck and chin as they broke apart laughing. A brown puppy was happily greeting them. I wasn't till then they relized, they never ordered food. That is how Key had his first kiss and He wouldn't change a thing. Thhhheeeeee end! Sorry it's so long.... and umm I'm better at roleplaying so sorry if it's bad..... yeahh...
@VixenViVi Lies. This is really good. Love the ending especially. So cute!!! ^^
I like it it's so cuuiute
I got into it hahahha and Im not even a shawol
@shannonl5 I'm glad you like it! Haha well it was fun, and sort of my obsession for the evening. >.<
@VixenViVi Ahh, okay okay. :)
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