Again, words can't express how badly I'd love to win. This band means so much to me. I honestly felt like they saved my life on many occasions. This is my loetal only opportunity. I don't have money to buy ticket and have a way there. It's be one or the other. I think seeing them live would fill this whole I have in my heart.
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wait liking and clipping your stuff helps? OMG I'LL SO HELP YOU THEN
oh! I just checked the ranks right now you're at number 20 ^^ I'm so happy for you. I'm getting my friend to join so she can help you out. ^^ good luck i hope you win.
Oh my gosh, you're an angel. thank you so much @majesticx
oh.. no I'm not... I just understand how much you want to see them. I feel the complete same way. and tbh if it wasn't for my best friend buying me a plane ticket I would never have been able to go. I just want to help give someone the opportunity that was given to me
You truly are an amazing person. The world needs more people like you dear. @majesticx