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If you're hiking in the warmer months and can get by without a warm meal or morning coffee, consider ditching your stove and fueling up with these foods: Cold cereal/granola/muesli, powdered milk Carnation Instant Breakfast (2-3 packets, powdered milk) Granola bars, homemade bars, pop-tarts, chocolate bars Protein powder Tuna with crackers Beef Jerky, salami Fig newtons Peanut butter with wraps, cereal, crackers Dried fruit and nuts Fresh food: fruit, vegetables, bagels, cheese Pretzels/potato chips Dried Seaweed (purchase salted kind) Hummus (powdered/fresh)
Thse are fantastic ideas! I'm a fan of using tuna and dried foot as much as possible. I also like seaweed!
@yakwithalan Thanks! Glad they can help. They're really great choices, I think.