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I was on my phone and saw the news when RM said black to his members. I didn't watch the interview but i saw the comment. I didn't believe it it, must been a mistake. and people started hatten on oppa. That hurts ours hearts and his. But was a misunderstanding. It was the sub......titles ...people whatever. People hurt RM. TRYING TO HIDE HIS SADDNESS???? IDK yet, but the way the fans hurt my oppa hurt me. Like they hurt my favorite singer Teayeon. I look up to her since 2009. But I hate to see her cry. Then they we're coming to NY. New York concert!!! ( just saying I live in NY) I wanna go so bady to meet them but I didn't have money and I was fasting. ( I'm also Muslim) but I didn't care anymore.
When i heard about the News about the concert cutting short. Because someone thought is was funny to bring a gun to a concert. I felt bad for the poeple who pade to get in the Concert and waited so long for them to come. Hearing sad news broked my heart. I wanted to do something so bad to stop this madness. but I felt lazy and weak. ( don't blame me). But with the help armys we could stop the haters. I don't want anyone take away RM HAPPINESS!!! I got to be strong. all i need is support.
I love making people smile its part if my nature. I want to make Oppa happy. and not sad. And then I heard there was going to be another gun violents in the Concert.I wont let that happen. but I NEED HELP.Please help save RM. he's a human u know. I bare NOT to watch his family,friends,bandmembers watch him fall.
Do u know what's it like to have RM DEAD. depressed I don't want fans to be upset. some fans r crazy for RM SOME WILL DIE FOR HIM. I KNOW, CRAZY right. I do whatever i can to help save RM. U KNOW HE DIDN'T MEAN THIS TO HAPPEN. DX
Don't you wanna save his life? I want him and his fans to be happy.and peace. looking at the sky seeing if there will be hope. (J-hope) is hope. CLIPS THIS NOW OR SHARED IT, SPREAD THE WORDS!!!