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Okay so my points are constantly racking up but i'm not moving up any in ranks :( I don't understand why I haven't moved ranks in two days now. I'm getting really down about this..
@KatieWarren Nooo, don't say that. You've been posting awesome cards and some great oneshots! I love seeing your cards. Vingle K-pop family loves you. Don't worry about the ranking, it should update soon!
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I'm still in the 100s, but it's okay. I'm glad I joined vingle and get to talk to all you kpoppers. 馃榿馃榿馃榿
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everyone else is passing me though. its been happening for two days now. @nokita
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it is probably because it hasn't been updated yet for the other accounts. did that make sense? ><
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@KatieWarren dont give up :)!
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