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Something is shaking and stirring, something is hurling down in an accelerated rate, and yet something else is moving up and down, and wiggling. A blend of colors is on the canvas. This kind of first impression cannot be hidden. When the time of turbulence is over, silence ensues in the painting, it is sparsely drawn but the true nature of the subject matter can be seen in the retina. There clearly exists luxurious flowers; there is a horse galloping rhythmically without any restraints as well although unrefined and reinterpreted with splashing colors. If the sequence of events is taken into account, what he has drawn—rather, the forms recreated—seems like a moment captured and has a strong air that it is an arbitrary depiction; at the same time, paradoxically, there are delicate expressions that seem to owe a great deal of debt to the true natures of the objects being portrayed. I feel that the painter has attempted the spiritual renewal of the physical entities that are products of close examinations of the relationship between him and the subject matter.
Dance of the TreesBy Kim Seok-young