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Madonna put another one of her homes on the market this week, her 9-bedroom, 15-bath Beverly Hills mansion, for $22.5 million. (For those who don’t feel like doing the math, that’s only $1.5 million per bathroom.) According to Redfin, how much the 54-year-old paid for the house back in 2003 was never disclosed, but the real estate website estimates the purchase price to have been somewhere around $14 million. Madonna recently dropped some cash to remodel the home, but she still stands to make a tidy profit if she gets close to her asking price. And for those of you with $22.5 million to spare, consider all of the home’s luxurious details: Two living rooms, a two-story dining room and a junior dining room (a sort of “rich kid’s table,” we’ll assume), two guest houses, and a 500-foot gated tree-lined driveway, all on 1.25 acres. And you know you’ve really arrived when your house has “assistants’ offices,” as this one does. As for activities at the 17,000-square-foot pad, the new owner can look forward to matches on the tennis court, movies in the screening room, workouts in the private gym, and swims in the “resort-size” pool. No word on whether the “Like a Virgin” songstress will be purchasing another L.A. home. Madonna, who spends much of her time in London, put her 6,000-square-foot apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan on the market in November for nearly the same price as she’s listed her Beverly Hills mansion, $23.5 million. But the mom of four has no plans to vacate New York, apparently. A few years back she purchased an even bigger Manhattan pad across town on the Upper East Side, this one a 12,000-square-foot, 13-bedroom, 14-bathroom triplewide townhouse with nine fireplaces, for which she paid a reported $40 million.
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