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I have bad luck with guys. By bad luck I mean always rejected or dumped for a friend of mine that's hot. Even though people say your worth isn't in a guy it still hurts. I blame myself and start picking out everything wrong with me. I always fall super hard for someone so they're always on my mind even after they dump me. Since I was 5th grade it's been like this (I'm a senior in high school) so naturally I know there's something wrong with me. At the end of the day Kpop is my warm hug before bed. From ballads about a broken heart, or an upbeat I'm happy being me song it comforts me and helps me deal with my feelings and depression. Even though I'm depressed and have a lot of emotional issues Kpop soothes me and comforts me when I'm feeling down. Like now I'm talking to a guy I like who rejected me listening to Shine You Light by Park Hyo Shin to calm me down and keep me from crying lol.
Hey, you are truly worth it and you do deserve better. im sure you will find someone that loves you for who are you. You should be glad you are not with those guys who only look at appearances. Theres nothing wrong with you. its the world that has a problem. this problem, this superficiality that exists in our society is so deeply rooted we dont even realize it most of the time! and hey if youve dated st all then you must be pretty damn attractive! cause I never had a boyfriend. so find a guy who will appreciate that! Im sure he will come around.
@liuser5ever @nokita lol ya'll are so nice. I you guys lol
it is all right, you are not alone plus im sure mr. right is waiting for you (:
hey ik how you feel I'm dealing with depression too and it sucks but ik how you feel about guys and dating and kpop big bang is my warm hug and if want to talk send me a message I'll be happy to help
@RochelleDiamond although this may be something you here alot... you are a "Treasure" just waiting to be sought out by the right person^^ Some people are just so blind as to what is in front if them....their loss I say! Don't ever start thinking it is all flaws of yourself...that could lead to a dark lonely road. Just #KeepTheFaith. Because your Kpop family here on Vingle and other online communities have your back!!!!! #Staystrong 사랑하^^
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