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*whispers* the CMVs are cominggggg! WARNING: The video above may make you very dizzy. But it is also very awesome. So you win some, you lose some?
But seriously, I love when cons happen even if I'm not there because it means I FINALLY get to look at a ton of new photoshoots and cosplay music videos and panel videos and that is just far too much excitement sometimes!!
I haven't really filtered through all that has come out of Otakon yet as I've been busy but I wanted to share 3 videos I saw on FB that are pretty cool!! Hope everyone that went enjoyed otakon.
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These are all so cool! I wish I could have gone. I'm totally in awe of the back-flipping Spider-Man!
@shannonl5 spider man was so cool!!! i miss going to cons hahaha i need to start planning for one sometime soon
@vulpix me toooo I'm really sad my friends are all going to NYCC and I'm going to be out of town. I'll have to bribe them to take lots of pictures.