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Hi so yeah if you're a kpop fan boy or girl you can always hit me up I'm from Georgia My favorite group is currently BTS ❤❤ It's difficult trying to pick a bias U.U kik is audrakboone kakao talk is kpoplover98xoxo Repost I WANT TO MEET ALL OF YOU!! I'm super nice, text me pleaseee
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@mandapanda723 Hi nice to meet you ^^ and I actually got this off instagram lol but I'm looking forward to meeting you
hey im stephanie but everyone calls me steph i live in Texas my bias group is BTS social media. ummm snapchat is steper5 *cough cough* YouTube starfishtv *cough cough* thats pretty much it bye bye
i think this is such a great idea!!! well... hi! my name is Danna I'm from Cali ^^ my bias is Kim Sung Gyu and my bias group is Infinite! but i am a multifandom at heart ♡ my snapchat and Kik is kimleekwonshin well all my social media is under that username ^^ hi nice to meet you all
Hi everyone. I'm Aimee from oklahoma and now reside in Arkansas. I have a lot of biases and groups I adore. Line- dynamic_cutie Kakao - Dynamiccutie007 Facebook - Aimee Lynne Hughes snapchat - fearless_doll I have 2 emails I check religiously: alynne1189@gmail.com alynne1107@gmail.com kik- dynamic_cutie P.s I swear I am not conceited. I just saw where my usernames sounds vain but I'm really sweet. It's nice to meet all of you and hope to hear from y'all soon. ^~^
Hi I am Rhi My country is USA My bias group is BTS My social media (including line, kakao, and instagram, etc.)mostly has all the same username: blackcat12088 twitter is @a_wannabe_idol yep I think that is it! I want to meet everyone!!! ^ㅅ^ <3