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Seo In Guk is in the top 3 of my favorite Korean actors, which made him transcend into one of my many, many, favorite singers too. Yeah. He's a singer. Did you know that?
Before he became a second-lead-syndrome inducer in Master's Sun, before he became the coveted Reply 1997 star, Seo In Guk was the winner of the talent-seeking Korean variety show, SuperstarK, in 2009. Except, he wasn't all that popular because Korean music emphasizes physical appearance too much. It was so stressful for him, Seo got bulimia from trying to throw up the food he ate in order to lose weight.
And then... Seo got casted in the hit (though not expected at the time) drama, Reply 1997. From then on, his fame sky-rocketed, practically overnight.
And you know what? His voice is hella good. His songs are nice and refreshing, and even though (or perhaps because) he had to go through a lot of hardships to get to where he is now (like many Korean entertainers did), he deserves all the fame he's getting, and most definitely more.
And now, he has a successful singing AND acting career-- and his new drama, Hello Monster/I Remember You is the freaking bomb dot com.
I love his songs, his vocal display is great, and his skills as an actor are top notch. I hope to see more of him in both the acting and music worlds in the future... Kudos and good luck to the great Seo In Guk!
he is so talented
He was also amazing in King of High School Life Conduct and the Kings Face. He's voice is as beautiful as his face.
I love him! :-)
I love Seo In Guk. Thanks for this awesome card! :)
I just love him!!! He is one of the few actors that I actually follow. He is by far one of the best actors out their in my opinion!!!
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