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Im glad these guys are okay so far. I actually never thought I'd say this , but Im glad they'll be going home soon out of that place. I hope that these incidents dont stop them from ever coming back.
Me too omg I honestly hate some people for making threats like these and the first person even did it as a joke! It's so sick and I can't understand it
I'm really glad they are safe! I hope this doesn't stop them from trying to see their fans in the future. I hope hateful people learn that death threats aren't okay. Be safe BTS!
Copycats are the worst along with attention seekers. As much as i would like people not to talk about it they can not get attention... its inevitable to avoid the dangerous circumstances. Either way seems like they are okay for now. My prayers are still with them and all the real fans out there who are attending their events. @liuser5ever @AsianInvasion97
still looks like beakhyun
rap mon called i think V and someone else dark...o dont remember but yeah seems like they are okay which is all that matters no one is hurt @zlovex
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