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Crossplay and Male Posing - Cosplay Tips!!

As I sift through the dozens of photos being posted up from Otakon around the web, I can't help but notice that a lot of the guys look, well....kinda awkward. And more awkward than that are the girls crossplaying guys who aren't able to pull off the particular gait of that character.
Stereotypical poses for dudes are hard, I guess. And I'm not saying it's easier for girls, but it seems like a lot of photographers are familiar with what posing to use for more feminine poses but don't get it for masculine poses or poses that fit a certain main character (be he masculine or not).
So I found this, lol. I don't plan to crossplay anytime soon but if you're interested or if you're a dude or if you regularly cosplay guys this might help you out!!!
I posted a video from the same peopel about facial expressions before too so check that out
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@shannonl5 exactly hahaha so like....a lot of female poses cosplayers mimic are complicated and more visuaully "interesting" to being with, but for males we don't get as much variety actually so it can be harder to learn and mimic or to have a variety, but I think it's possible!!
@vulpix yeah it's a bit odd that there is a difference. Maybe part of it is how the characters act too. Like, The Hulk or Bane generally take up a lot of space because those characters are really big and brutal... female characters rarely are. So it's also about being "in character".
This is really interesting! I wouldn't have thought about it this way. I think because maybe we think of men as the default, women have been overcompensating with their body language to look different? Or maybe it's because the poses differently gendered characters tend to be depicted in are usually way more complicated for female characters (I'm thinking of like, the boobs and butt pose) wheras male characters usually just stand wide and glare?
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