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Mine is Super Junior's Leeteuk. He really has those leadership qualities and looks out for the other members. Though it's really sad yet heart touching, I like to the story of the car accident which almost killed Kyuhyun. They tried to pulled Leeteuk out of the the car first but Leeteuk yelled at them to save the other members in the car first before himself. The members as well as other people that have met Leeteuk like MCs & others artist will talk about how great of a leader he <3 My second favorite leader is GD ^^ Who is your favorite leader in the Kpop world?
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Onew and GD 馃槉
my first is leeteuk oppa. then its GD.
Gd because his creative and serious
Definitely Angel Teukie^^
I think Soohyun from Ukiss.. so far no drama from them.. Then GD for hIs creativeness