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Hi! Hola! Annyeong! ~L. here How are you? How was your day? so I was 15-16 when I got into kpop and now I'm 19 years old. This is my story of the first time my parents found out about kpop and how much I love it. One day I was fangirling over TVXQ
my mom looked at me and asked if I was alright . I told her yeah that I was listening to this amazing music with an amazing dance with amazing singers. I showed her and I told her how much I respect and love them. when she heard them sings she made
this face and was like what's this?? I said It was Korean, kpop, TVXQ. I told her who was who and whatever I knew of them. she laughed and said cool and that was it. Then a few months later I was watching a kdrama
I was screaming at the screen, why!! wae!!??? Andwae!!!! T.T my mom looked at me like I was crazy . I was crying to my mom say why why would someone do that, omg it so sad mom mommy look this guy see he (blah, explain the main male character) and she was oh okay so what this call ? I told her it's Korean dram, kdrama and its awesome and she asked what the drama was about and what they might be saying. I explain and she was like
ooh okay. she got curious and started watching it with me. she got hooked and would almost finish a whole drama in a day and would tell me about it and tell me I need to watch the drama. I was happy that she liked it but I had felt like I created a monster
she would go weeks days hours minutes watch kdramas and would forget about other things like cooking and then she would drag me with her and make me watch it. I would work or things to do and I couldn't do it cause she'd make me watch it with her and if I didn't she'd watch it without me and I'd lose my place or whatever. ha-ha she is not as bad any more, my dad got onto her. Now my dad on the other hand, when I told him about kpop and should him he was like
is this?? and give me the
look. he would say "you weird, the heck". and often told me I was way to obsessed with kpop and would say I would end up marrying an Asian, or korean. lol he'd tease me about it and all but her never got into kpop, he did promise me a trip to Korea though, so next year I may go. every time I'd fan girl my dad would look at me and say
XD my friend to would also say that. when I should my sister kpop she was like you weirdo. every time I spoke about kpop she would be like
sigh this again. boooorrrrrrrriiiinnnggg....
lol I hope you enjoy and can relate to my story. ~L. M.y.alpha out until next time!
bye, adiós, annyeong!
same but my mom only watch one k drama but she doesnt like it my dad also does that to me and i know she secretly likes it in a way and my sister didn't like it until i made her watch some video and then took her to a kpop concert with me that when everything change for her
cool!!!! my sisters don't be necessarily like kpop:( but I listen to it so much that I can catch them singing along with me every now and then^^ and one sister was nice enough to go with me to Atlanta to see TOPPDOGG...SHE PICKED KIDOH AS HER BIAS YAY!!!!!!^^
I feel mom and I watched K-Dramas about the same time but I'm more addicted than she is lol but my dad don't care. He passes by me while listening to k-Pop but he don't even budge