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Natauri Takes the 30 second K-Pop Challenge
Play along with us if you want!!
How many did you get right?? Comment below!
Name It!
Name 5 Groups with 5 Members
Name all the members of Girls Generation
Name 3 groups who debuted in 2014
Name all 7 groups who were apart of ‘Hello Baby’
Name 5 Idols who have tattoos
Question Time!
Which Male Idol has an obsession with Hello Kitty?
Which popular Korean Cosmetic Brand was featured in EXO’s “Miracles in December” MV?
Which Korean Artist was featured in Zico’s ‘Tough Cookie’ MV?
Which group has the fandom name Angels?
In Got7’s “Just Right” MV, which word did Jackson’s and Yugyeom’s Hoodie have on it?
Guess Who?
Hints: Hand Fan, Butterfly, Camel
Hints: Magazine, Beyonce, Colorado
Hints: Blondes, Aliens, Bunnies
Hints: Feather, Bell, Tea
Hints: Tan, summer, 19
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It's ok Natauri!!! I only got 2 answers right out of everything! You did better than me ^^ My brain did not want to cooperate lol XD