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Purfles is a three member girl group under Crescendo Music. They debuted 10/26/2014 with the digital single 1.2.3. Currently they do not have a Fan Club name or symbol but I highly recommend that you guys listen to them. Their song is amazing. And they actually consider all three of them to be main vocals which isn't something you hear in kpop.
This is Eun Young or Shin Eun Young. She was born 07/20/1991. As I stated above she's one of the main vocals. Her height is 165cm or 5'4.
This is Geon Hee or Park Geon Hee. She was born 05/18/1990. She stands at 167cm or 5'5. She's also one of the main vocals and the leader of the group. She is actually my bias :)
This is Woo Young or Yang Woo Young. She's the maknae of the group and man her vocals are really amazing. She was born 06/06/1993. She's 165cm or 5'4.
Now let's talk about the song and video a bit more. By far besides Glass Bead this has to be one of my favorite songs of 2014. It's really really hard for me to like any group but I just feel for them. The choreography is super powerful and the vocals are on point. Hopefully we will get a comeback pretty soon. And if you happen to like them just leave a comment below! I'm new at the so please let me know of any mistakes!