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Hello everybody!~ So I am experiencing many mixed emotions at the moment...I just finished the K-Drama Orange Marmalade on DramaFever (Not sponsoring I swear!). I was super excited about this drama because I read the Webtoon before it was scripted into a drama. Cool right?
So throughout all the turns and plot twists, I keep it together knowing it'll all be okay in the end. But binge-watching a drama always makes it end so much faster than expected. They expect us to deal with our feelings after, more or less, 12 hours?? So of course you're sitting there, screens/laptops/tvs in hand like:
And then you think it all over, questioning half of the things in that drama. Things like: "Why did she/he get with THAT person?" or "Poor side-character, they should've gotten with them instead of this person." and "I wish I could have a life like that." and lastly "I need to learn Korean" K-Drama can really make you think and connect in a good way like this:
Or it can make you flip out in anger over the ending like this:
(for some reason that GIF makes me crack up in laughter)
****SPOILER!!!!**** I will notify when the spoilers end, and for those commenting about this, be respectful and don't spoil the drama for others, thank you!~ Does anyone else think Ma Ri should've gotten with Shi Ho?? I can see why Jae Min ended up with her but it makes me wish there was an alternate version where Shi Ho and Ma Ri were together~ Anyone else with me? No? Okay..... And I got really confused when the past life episodes came along... Glad they cleared that up. I thought I was on a different K-Drama for a minute! xD What are your guy's thoughts on this drama? Remember: Please don't spoil it for others, put some type of warning~ ****END OF SPOILERS!****
(For not spoiling it xD) What dramas have you guys watched? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments! And feedback is always appreciated~ Can anyone else relate to the feels of finishing a K-Drama? Also, since I am now deprived of K-Drama, can you guys recommend me some? Thanks for your time! If there are any topics you'd like me to look into/talk about, then feel free to let me know! ♡
Love that series! Was hooked right away
thank you so much @caitlind9898! I will definitely have to check them out! And no worries about a spelling error~ :3
@caitlind9898 Thanks for your comment! I have only watched Shut Up &Let's Go, Coffee Prince (almost done with that), Playful Kiss, To the Beautiful You (Loved Minho in that), Blood (started recently) andOrange Marmalade. I am relatively new to kdrama so that's why I have a short list. I don't mind older time periods in the dramas but as for genre for kdrama (or any show) a good romance or supernatural. I also live that GIF of GD ^_^ heheh he is one of my many biases~
@poojas It is super good! watch it on DramaFever online or on the app for free. you will need to sign up but you don't need a credit card or anything like that
I really want to see this drama T.T
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