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Growing up, I didn't care much about my hair. My mom is a hairstylist and she used my hair as a guinea pig before she became a licensed cosmetologist. I used to dread getting my hair done (by my mom) after the 2nd grade incident (she gave me a pixie/boy cut). Then she gave me raspberry colored highlight during 6th grade. Among my friends, I was known for the girl with the fancy hair. Everyone either have sleek or curled hair. Back then, no one really played with hair color or fancy cuts.
Then it was time for college and my hair was finally back to normal - long and straight. It wasn't around senior year of college I decided to do more with my hair. My sister became my off-campus roommate and my passion for hairstyle started to grow. I think it runs in the family. Either way, I'm no longer afraid of trying new hairstyle. Life is too short to miss out on cool hairstyles. Although I don't normally go all out with my own hair, I love primping other people's hair.
So, my advice is... try something new and get inspired!