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It might sound ridiculous to try to make a fancy dessert on the trail or while camping, but maybe you're not going for big miles and are just hoping to have a relaxing time and a delicious meal. I'm not going to judge that!
So, here's some hiking desserts I found. I haven't tried all of these out yet but I sure plan to. I'm sticking to ones you prepare on trail, not pack in for this card! Let's see what we can find...

Bananas Flambé

All you need are bananas, brown sugar, rum/cognac (option, but also necessary) and butter! Find out how to make them here.

Mix and Match Cheesecake

This is actually such a great idea. Mix and match your own cheese cake. I can't find any pictures of this (why is it always so hard to find pictures from hiking foods??) but it sounds really, really good.
Basically, you pack instant cheesecake mix with powdered milk and get it all going, then mix in the toppings of your choice! More ideas can be found here.

Trail Angel Cake

This one will require you to do a good bit of work at home before heading to the trail, but it looks worth it!! Dehydrated strawberries, angel food cake and chocolate...yum...learn how here.

Mud Pie

This one is simple! It's just instant pudding, adding in some nuts, cookie crumbs or granola and viola! Learn more here.

Banana Boats!

This ones easy, too. Just follow the vid!
Well, that's all the ideas for now! Maybe I'll make a part 2 once I try some myself.
very interesting! can't wait to try these
@jeff4122 Totally agree, as long as you'r ejust going on a relaxing hike haha. Nothing wrong with a little liquor :)
@MooshieBay Lemme know if you like them!!!
Nice card! All great ideas. The banana flambe shouldn't be too had, especially with a shorter hike... you're likely to have some bananas with you, anyway, and on most hikes I carry some liquor anyway ! hahah a quick shot of pretty much anything can make a camping night a whole lot more interesting and fun, especially at altitude :)