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Many circumstances are making the America's -specifically international fans- look like a backwoods Jason MichaelKruger-ville. Noone deserves death threats for any reason at all. We are not looking good as an unit (in the lovely quote of K.Hart). Okay, so RapMon might have not chosen the best description of his fellow members when they first met, but so what. This doesn't mean he was intending to be rude or offensive. I don't know about others, but my best friends/sister's and myself pick on each other religiously. Our own joke is that if you stick me up next to a white wall, I'll immediately become a chameleon and blend into the wall; Oh or my favorite, that I haven't seen the sun since napoleon sailed the seas, and a daywalker. It doesn't mean we're being mean, we just have inside humor and jokes. All friends do. That's part of friendship.
When I see the hype and hooplah about RM, I shake it off the best way I can. One of my favorite mottos is, "You can't fix stupid, no matter how hard you try". It's physically and mentally exhausting. Unfortunately, stupidity is an abundance these days.
So in lieu of all the hatred, there may be haters yes, but the fandom ARMY I'm pretty sure has the haters outnumbered. For all of us international fans, the past few weeks are shedding bad light on us. Instead of feeding the hate, let's spread the love and respect these guys ever so diligently deserve.
I'm going to leave a few photos here, which some are credit to original owners. Since I love goof, Im posting my J-Hope Kitty pics too.
I honestly hope that they will not remember international fans as crazed lunatics. . . This is why we can never have nice things. . . BTS = ❤
Yeah I hate those things too. Right. 😄
*claps* Hallelujah!!!🙏 I don't consider myself a fan of BTS, but one thing I don't like is hate, racism, and fandom wars drama! It's true he probably said it as a joke between friends and who doesn't do that?! So I hope everything settles already and nothing bad happens to BTS or RM and good luck to them!! 😄