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Our Precious Leader Kim Hyun Joong gave us a wonderful treat when he posed for this photo on July 25th out on patrol in Seoul! He was on duty with a senior officer and gave us the V for victory to let his fans know he is healthy and happy in the Army Life! (all fan art taken from Twitter and Facebook credit to rightful owners! )
his friend posted it on his SNS and of course Twitter and Facebook blew up along with Naver Daum Weibo and every other fan SNS!
fan art is showing up everywhere as his fans have been starving for a glimpse since he was stationed at the DMZ in Paju a month ago! Even with his face covered we all recognize those beautiful eyes and the fans are going crazy over that developed bicep!
To pass the time while waiting for our Only One to surface, fans busily share the few photos we had during his base training and the cute fan art depicting what we imagine to be his daily life from reports we read. his father and recruits who were with him in base camp have reported that Hyun Joong is happy and adjusted well making many friends quickly. He even shared his soap and gave secret autographs which is against the rules! Lol! Everyone who has met him says he is kind, funny, hard working and polite! Even his superior officers have given Hyun Joong nothing but glowing compliments! Noona is SO PROUD! Love and miss you, my Angel Joong!
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yeah here is the link: I don't know however wether he reads it or not
Aaaaaaw July 25th was my birthday, at that day on I left him a message telling him that it was my birthday but I miss him so much, the next day the picture came out and I told him I consider it my birthday gift :) I was praying for just one pic
@tinamusicfairy oh happy birthday sis! Sorry i didn't know! what a great gift for you! I have to see what that's all about! didn't know we could leave messages there! 😊