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It was all good a week ago -- or at least that's how it seemed.

The communication was amazing. You talked from sun up to sun down, about absolutely nothing and everything. He made you smile and you hadn't smiled without forcing it in quite awhile. It felt good. You went on a few dates and you just knew that things were going great. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere the communication comes to an end. He stops texting you at the crack of dawn and when the sky is lit up with nothing but stars. He takes hours, sometimes even days to reply to a text you sent just to check on him. You care so much, but it seems like he doesn't care enough. You begin to question everything, trying to figure out where you went wrong. Did you come on too strong? Is there someone else in the picture?
The constant questioning begins to stress you out and you realize you can't make someone want you. You don't want to move on, but what other choice do you really have? If you find yourself going through this situation or something rather similar -- hang in there and remember it always gets worse before it gets better. Take a deep breath and focus on these four simple steps when the communication becomes non-existent.

Send One More Text Message For Closure

Whether they reply or not, at least you got your thoughts off your chest. You can breathe again. I hope. Express yourself and don't feel bad for it at all.

Delete The Message Thread

The only way you are going to get the closure you need is by deleting everything that is holding you back. The thoughts, the memories, the negativity -- get rid of it all.

Focus On Communicating With People Who Make You Happy

We all want that one person who will take the time out to listen to us and understand. Find that person and confide in them. It will get your mind off things and you will more than likely feel so much better. We all need to vent sometimes.

Write It Down

Sometimes all we need to do is express ourselves through written words. Grab a piece of paper or a journal and jot it down.
If you don't feel much better after these four steps, I give you permission to come back and complain.
And if you're still having trouble getting him off your mind, give these six effective ways a try.
thanks @allischaaff ! I always love to hear your positivity. it's much needed. I'm learning (slowly, but surely) that not everyone is worth your time, even if they may appear to seem that way in the beginning. true colors always show, it just takes time.
I've been there on one too many occasions and I have yet to learn, but I'm sure in due time I will learn. and his loss at the end of the day, not mine. My patience will pay off I'm sure. I hope :) @allischaaff
ugh I HATE when this happens. there's nothing more frustrating than being frozen out – and for what? for no reason at all!! he wasn't worth your time, honey. you're better off and you'll find someone amazing soon :)
so true!! @LizArnone texting is like a big deal these days lol although I do prefer a phone call -- when you blatantly ignore my test it makes my blood boil. you're so right though, we all deserve the best at the end of the day.
@jordanhamilton and when people are like "its just another text" that bullshit because texting is legit the biggest form of communication nowadays! but just remember you deserve someone who will be just as excited to get your text, not someone who will leave you hanging because those are the worst people!
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