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Hello Vino is here to make choosing wine like choosing a show on Netflix. Are you a wine drinker? Check this out!
Hello Vino is an app you can download for iOS and Android. And it prides itself on being able to choose your wine for you when you're stuck in the isle trying to figure out what you want to drink alone. Hello Vino's Press Release insists that this is an app you need, and I have to agree: "We've all been there- Stuck in the wine aisle with hundreds of bottles to choose from and nobody to help. The free Hello Vino app will give you a recommendation for the perfect bottle of wine- anywhere, anytime."
I downloaded the App to my iPhone 6 and took some screen shots. 1. Here is the home screen where you can select your location and check out wine shops nearby. 2. The second screen is the wine and food screen. You can also pick wine based on the meal that you're having, which can always be hard. I know little to nothing about wine pairings so I'm excited to learn. 3. The third screen is the grape guide, where if you have an extensive knowledge of what grapes make what wine (like who?) this will be a great app for you because depending on what grapes you like, you can choose different wines.
It looks like a pretty sleek app that'll come in handy when you're trying to fool your friends into thinking that you're fancy.