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It is so hot that I started sweating while getting ready for work this morning. There really isn't a worst way to begin a Thursday then finally plopping down into a train seat still warm from the last persons ass and feeling the beads of sweat dripping down your 7:30am.
So I spent my hour commute daydreaming about snow. And now I want to make you start daydreaming to. Trust me it'll help cool you all off during this terrible, muggy heat wave, so check out these chilly pics and start getting excited for winter!
I may be a little early, but desperation in a heat way calls for desperate measures.

Insert winter is coming joke here.

Nothing is more beautiful then looking at the tree branches after a huge snow storm, when the snowflakes are all big and wet and cling to everything. I have the chills just thinking about it!
Oh P.S. I am a huge winter nerd.
Catching snow flakes with your tongue is so fun even though there is always that one flake that kamikaze's right into your eyeball, it is still a lot better then sand from the beach in your mouth.
Nothing is more chilling, and awesome, then a frozen lake. Its especially cool (and cold) to sit a watch the current still flowing under the ice.
I mean come on who doesn't like to cozy up in sweaters! The thought of wearing anything but my Dads huge t-shirt makes me sweat right now, but just staring at this picture gives me hope for better (and cooler) days.
Ok now stare at this picture and imagine sticking the tip of your finger into the water. Instantly colder right!? Thats because for some dumb reason we all feel the need to feel any body of water we see, even when we know its as cold as an ice cube!
AKKKKKKKK I hate/love this pic. When snow touches my bare hands I instantly feel like I am about to freeze to death. But since the weather is making the ice bucket challenge look like a nice shower, this picture is bringing me more comfort then I would like to admit.
The best part of winter. Finally coming inside and warming up with some nice coco. Try and tell me after staring at these pictures that you don't want winter to hurry up and get here!
@danidee i LOVE THE SNOW! it really is beautiful especially outside of the city where most of it can stay untouched
Winter. :'( I miss it. We don't really have winter in San Diego, but I remember being a little girl in New Jersey and being so excited for a snow day that I would run outside in my pajamas and climb through it all lol.
This makes me love New England