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They definitely woke up like this.

Last night, everyone's favorite cast was on Instagram lip-syncing to Beyonce's Flawless. We already knew Tituss Burgess, Jane Krakowski and Tina Fey were flawless, but this just gives us a little more proof.
Tituss Burgess posted the video on Instagram last night and it's on its way to taking over the Internet.
I love this because it makes them seem just like normal people. C'mon, some of you have definitely made videos like this with your friends...they probably just haven't gotten 9,000 likes.

As flawless as this is, it's no Pinot Noir....

But for now, this lip-synching will have to keep us satisfied until season 2.
@nicolejb I read somewhere that they're aiming for spring of 2016 (entirely too far away) but yes yes yes we'll all have to binge-watch at the same time!!!
THIS VIDEO IS EVERYTHING. I was going to post it to my Facebook yesterday and be like #GPOY. I miss Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt so bad.
Do we know when the new season is coming out @LauraFisher? I think we need a mini party for this. or at least a in-depth freak-out card when the new season comes out.
@laurafisher I haven't seen 30 Rock yet either, I'm wrapping up this show Wentworth now and then I will move to Kimmy this weekend. Can't wait!
Yeah @christianmordi, @JordanNash describes it really well! It's so funny and there's tons of hidden jokes. It's a pretty weird plot (girl escapes from a cult and moves to NYC) but it's so funny regardless! Did you like 30 Rock? I've found lots of the jokes and writing to be very similar!
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