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Okay, so I made a decision yesterday that I wanted to change my diet, make healthier choices and take better care of myself. I was like, okay I'll just do juices like, smoothies and stuff. Can't be too expensive or inconvenient right?
I couldn't have been more off the mark.
I set out on my Juice Journey this morning, and it was a hot one. Rain and humidity were swirling around in the city sky and I was on a pilgrimage for a juice drink. 8:30A.M. in New York City is a time where everyone is basically running. People trip into coffee shops and cafes, stop at the carts outside. They get their energy and get out.
I spend the night sweating to death in Brooklyn and am dehydrated and exhausted when I reached 23rd street. My 40 minute commute was made better by a near empty R train. I considered for a moment buying a breakfast sandwich and calling it a day. But I didn't.
I looked up nearby Juice bars and prices and boy was I surprised.
10 dollars for one juice at Juice Press. And that, is too much for me. I'm broke, and I just want to be healthy! Is that too much to ask?
The built in Juice Cleanses cost nearly 80 dollars. Wow.
So I just walked three or four blocks and came upon a juice cart with a smiling old lady inside. She had fresh fruit in little clear barrels and over 20 different kinds of drinks to purchase. There weren't any prices posted, but I figured since it was a street vendor it'd be less.
I ordered a "Slim Smoothie" which had pineapple, agave, mango and banana in it. Sounded good.
It was 7 dollars for a smoothie there, with fresh fruit and protein powder. 7 dollars? Still way too much. I could have gotten a delicious bagel, cream cheese and a large iced coffee from my guy outside work for 4 dollars. I'd also be a hell of a lot happier.
I gulped the thing down and still felt empty and dizzy from my morning commute. It cost 7 dollars, and didn't do anything for me. I know things take time, and it's just been one morning, but come on, I can't survive like this. It just doesn't seem healthy.
Getting those smoothies three times a day would make me broke before Sunday. I can't do this. I have to go back on my word. All of you who saw that post, well guess what, I'm a liar.
My assumption that I could handle a Juice Diet was a little bit overzealous. I want to make myself healthy and make better choices, but I can't sacrifice the little money I have on expensive juice drinks made for the elite.
So instead, I'm issuing myself a challenge that will actually save me money.
I'm going to quit drinking soda. I think that is manageable and will actually end up making me feel better than not eating enough.
It's only 10:00AM and I'm already starving for lunch.
At the end of it, I'm a girl who likes carbohydrates, burgers and sandwiches. My tastes are my tastes, and by trying to alter them in a sever way it made me realize that I was doing myself more harm than good.
I'm going to try and make better choices, and today I'm going to stop drinking soda. I think that's more realistic than changing things all together. I know I have to change, but I'm not ready to make myself tired, malnourished and miserable in order to do that. I'm going to take this one step at a time, and ultimately make my habits more sustainable.
Because fad dieting and fasting may lead to losing weight, but not without the side effects of lost money and happiness. Nothing happens over night, and Juice Diets and fasting feel like an overnight fix.
I should have known better!
Right now I've got a massive headache and feel like I have to get something in my stomach immediately. I'm just going to take it easy, be more conscious of what I eat and get my life together. Because right now, with my schedule, the amount that I work and how little I sleep, I have to eat. I have to give myself energy, or else I'll be sick, and I can't work or live my life when I'm sick.
Dieting shouldn't make you sick, it should make you stronger.
you go girl ;) one step at a time and you'll get there!
annddd that's why moderation is key. and how juicing is cheaper when u make it urself lol
well said馃憤馃憤
馃憤馃憤 making your own juice is a money saver,, and cutting out soda was magic for me :)