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According to an article from The Verge, Sony's gaming division has begun outearning its mobile communications department. Though maybe a little bit unexpected, it is hard to say that this is surprising information, as Apple and Samsung are increasingly dominating the mobile communication market, leading the industry with the iPhone and Galaxy, respectively.
The numbers show that when compared to last year's earnings, this past financial quarter shows that the gaming division's revenue is up by 12.1%, while mobile communications division has dropped by 16.3%. In flat numbers, these percentages equate to $2.33b for the gaming divison and $2.27b for mobile.
What is interesting, though, is that despite the fact that Sony's mobile department is suffering, their Device segment of total revenue has grown by 35.1%, for an approximate $1.92b in revenue. The Device department of Sony includes camera sensors - sensors that are used in both Galaxy phones and iPhones, among many other products.
The Verge goes on to say that "one unalterable trend to Sony's fortunes in recent years has been a steady decline in the income it generates from Sony-branded products." People are just buying increasingly fewer Sony phone products.
This statement seems slightly contradictory to the increase in Sony's gaming division, as the Playstation 4 is currently the powerhouse console on the market, dominating the Xbox One and Wii U in overall sales.
As of the latest rankings by VGChartz, the PS4 has sold 23.2 million units, the Xbox One 12.8 million, and the Wii U in the rear with just 9.7 units sold in this console generation's lifetime.
As these numbers have been declining, Sony has also been shrinking its mobile division. Based off of these trends, it will be likely to see the mobile division almost completely dissolved in the next 5 years.