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Here's Part 2 of K-pop Puns. This time with puns from our very own Vingle K-pop community members, @KpopGaby, @StarBabes, @kimikodragon and @RobertMarsh. Thank you for sharing your awesome puns with us! :)
Make sure to comment with any other puns you have. If there are enough, I will make another card! ^_^
I laughed so much making these images. Thanks again @KpopGaby, @StarBabes, @kimikodragon and @RobertMarsh! ^_^
the Canadian bacon one made my day o(〃^▽^〃)o
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@KpopGaby That sounds terrifying (for Baekhyun) but then again I did the same with TOP for @stevieq so it's all good! HAHAHAHA @kimikodragon Yours was hilarious! And dang, that's awesome!
2 years ago·Reply
@KpopGaby Hahahaha. Just send some over! lol
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@RobertMarsh Awesome!! Looking forward to it! @KpopGaby Yay! Hope you had some nice Canadian Baekhyun! XD
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