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If you're an 80s baby, you were probably obsessed with Spice Girls. If you weren't, what were you doing with your life? Anyway, they're amazing and they taught me about friendship in more ways than one.

Here's friendship, defined by the Spice Girls.

Together, we're a pack of confidence and strength.

We have our group of friends. We stick together, no matter what. Doesn't matter how long it has been since we've phoned each other, most times we still love each more than our own siblings.

We are honest, playful, and supportive.

We understand that sticking together means more than just friendship, it's girl power.

Bliss: When two or more people come together and they feel joy, happiness, and excitement.

Happy National Day of Friendship!

FRIENDSHIP at it's finest I love this!! @caricakes Why haven't we tried to recreate this yet?!?
I agree! definitely one of the best decades for music.
I loved Scary and Sporty Spice! I really miss 90s music, and it needs to come back!
I had a group of friend growing up. Now, all of my best friends are spread around the country because -- you know being an adult and things change.
When I was growing up I always wanted to be a part of a group of friends. Never happened. I have one friend in every area. Great friends!
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