Another day, another client. It never failed that you were stuck with the bratty, whiny kids. They never sat still for the picture and the parents get mad with the result. Right as you were about to go on break, your manager stopped you and handed you a camera. "We have a special client and you better not screw this up, Y/n." your manager looked at you through shaded eyelids. You nodded and questioned who on earth it could be. You shrugged off the curiosity and got into your professional mode. You followed your manager to the room used normally for special occasions. A blonde man wearing a dark sweater was facing away, looking at the preshot pictures framed on the wall. You set the camera up and took a deep breath, afraid of on earth could this be. His posture and style seemed a bit familiar but you weren't sure. You normally played music to set the mood but you felt like you needed to ask this client. "Excuse me sir, do you mind if I put some music on? It helps me center out." you asked quietly. "Absolutely fine with me. This photoshoot is for my family. It's very personal." his voice also sounded familiar to you. At that moment he turned and sat on the stool. Your back was to him as you put on SHINee's "An Ode To You". You heard him let out a soft chuckle before you turned around. You couldn't believe your eyes and ears. Key was singing along to the song right in front of you. He smiled wide and shook his head gently. It seemed like he was in disbelief as well. "It's good to see we have American fans. May I ask who your bias is?" Key tilted his head to the side, being completely humble. The look in his eyes shouted that he knew it was him. Key's sass could never vanish, its what made him be himself. "It's you..Key." you admitted quietly and rubbed at the back of your neck. He posed, pointing to the camera and gave a little smirk. You snapped the picture and smiled at how adorable he looked. Key rushed over and moved your hand gently, looking at his picture. "That's perfect. I want another but on my phone, with you. Is that okay...Y/n?" he looked at your name tag then smiled, a nice eye smile forming. You could only respond with a nod since your bias was literally so close to you. Key pulled his phone out and snapped a picture then turned, pursing his lips. Before you could react, his lips were on your cheek and the flash went off on his phone. "The only thing missing now is the contact this picture would be perfect for." he wiggled his eyebrows and chuckled. He was such a flirt but you couldn't resist. He handed you his phone to put your number in and gave you a tight hug. After he got his phone back, he left the room before having a long glance at you. "Oh and for the nice picture, I'll tell your manager to give you a promotion."
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