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How much creative control did the studio have?

Fans have been wondering how much studio executives interfered with the creative process behind the Netflix hit-series Daredevil. Especially since Marvel Studios have had problems working with directors with strong visions in the past, fans have been wondering if Marvel took a more hands-off approach with the series.
Showrunner Steven DeKnight opened up about the process. While he said that for the most part it didn't feel like he was being micromanaged, saying "we would have creative disagreements that we would sit down and talk about and explain like any other show," there was one significant thing they were asked to change...

Rosario Dawson was originally going to be Night Nurse.

DeKnight said that all they had to do was change the characters name (from Linda Carter to Claire Temple), and that everything else about her stayed the same. Why the change? The studio might have plans for the character later on.
Fans had already conflated Dawson's character with Night Nurse, so this news is no huge surprise. With the exception that there might be an appearance planned for her in the future, outside of Daredevil. Linda Carter has also assisted Spider-Man in times of need, could something be planned for the new Spider-Man movie they added to their lineup?
@DannyMoses haha it's all good! And I think you're right... unfortunately Marvel still doesn't have the rights to the character I believe. But maybe further down the line that could happen. In the meantime yeah it's really painful to wait so long for season 2. At least we have Jessica Jones coming out sooner and it's in the same universe, and it seems like it will have a very similar tone
my favorite show on net flix got my lady into it to too long for a wait for the next season I'm not patient but it should be great .they need to redo silver surfer he always gets shafted. know this was a daredevil post but puttin my two cents in
@FreeWill666 @LAVONYORK had you heard about this yet? I know Marvel is pretty set for the next few years but maybe the character will make an appearance somewhere else?