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No, no, sorry this isn't a recipe for the Monica Lewinsky shot. But that brings me to my main point. Somehow Monica Lewinsky's name and Blow Job has become one in the same. She is mentioned in rap songs, has a shot named after her (the one where you can't use your hands to take it), and has become nothing but a stain left on a dress.
Due to the breakthrough of the technology era, this at the time 22 year olds mistake has been know has the Blow Job heard round the world. Slut, whore, bimbo, are some of the few words that has been used to describe Monica Lewinsky for the past 17 years.
She has become one of the first woman to be cyber bullied, and the most famous case of slut shaming.
So we all know her story (kind of). I was only 6 in 1998 when the news broke yet I still know what the head lines blared. But years later I am still left wondering why the hell Monica was attacked, bullied, and shamed for something that is not only her scandal.
I have a few questions that aren't asked enough on this scandal and the main one is;

Why did President Bill Clinton get off so fucking easily?

Yes, I get it he lost his presidency, but thats not because he got a blow job from one of his employees. Its because he LIED under oath.
When people think of this scandal, Bill Clintons name is never, ever shamed where has Monica is to this day still harassed by her mistake. Yet shouldn't Bill bare more of the blame?
He was after all, much older, 49 in fact! An adult that should be considered more responsible and more morally sound then his 22 year old, fresh out of college, counterpart. I mean really, shoo didn't make a mistake at 22?
He was married WITH CHILDREN. Monica obviously new about the first lady, but she herself is not a cheater. Bill completely disregarded the promise to his wife and family for an affair with someone half his age.
HE WAS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Someone who is responsible for the entire American population should have more self control, moral conduct and fucking brains, to not have an affair with one of the White House employees.
And yet, because she is a woman, the young Monica was tortured for mistake.
Slut shamming is one of the biggest double standards that face the genders today. Women are either to prude or to slutty, and their sex life is for the world to pick apart, judge and gossip about.
After 17 years Monica Lewinsky has decided it is time to speak out about her story, her shame, and the way we need to fix societies need to shame over all internet platforms.
Check out her funny, emotional and informative Ted Talk and try and think twice the next time you go to shame her. Because if you think about it, Bill deserves to have that shot named after him, not her.
@jeff4122 @JordanNash yes i do agree bill did get someeeee shit for what happened and it may forever go on his record but he was the president of the united states and should be held to a higher standard. yet the jokes are always, always at the expense of Monica and she is the one slut shamed and for the past 17 years which means this mistake is also on her record. Imagine trying to get a job, go on a date, or do anything when everyone knows you as the woman who blew the president. Her life was destroyed whereas Bill's really wasn't. like i said, he didn't have to give u the presidency and ultimately got in trouble for lying under oath, not having the affair. @LauraFisher the TED talk was AMAZING right? she really is an excellent speaker for someone who stayed quiet for so long!
@buddyesd you said it perfectly !!! It's complete double standards and bill got all the support when it was Monica who needed it
in my humble opinion, this case is interesting. I think bill clinton got off easy, if it had been anyone else I think that person might have had sexual harassment charges brought on them. Monica wasn't the first person to have been involved with him and those cases had similar results. I'm not excusing Monica's part by no means but this guy got a lot of undeserved support and it just seems like a lot of double standards. the people who should have at least stood by her I don't remember hearing from.
No question. In general there's too much shame assigned in the whole case, I think. A blowjob is a blowjob, not a national crisis.
Yeah, if you want to talk generally about the double-standard applied to men and women when it comes to adultery, I'm not going to pretend that there isn't a problem. There most certainly is.
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