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Could this show get any more exciting?

About a week ago it was announced that DC was casting for Reactron, a well-known villain from the comics. This has been confirmed today: Sons of Anarchy veteran Chris Browning will be playing the character.
"In the show, Reactron's history with Superman will already be well-established, and he'll have left Metropolis to get revenge by killing Supes' cousin instead. He'll appear in the third episode, and may become a recurring character."
Which sounds like bad news for Supergirl! In the comics, the character was actually able to essentially deactivate Kryptonian powers (for a short amount of time). It's a great way to raise the stakes. Supergirl and her cousin Superman are usually way more powerful than anyone on Earth, but after a while an attack from a super-powerful alien from space gets kind of predictable.

The pilot will air on October 26th. I've already got it marked in my calendar, anyone else?

@shannonl5 @ohmacharly @buddyesd yeah it shows alot of promise love shows like that. smallville was one of my favorite shows this is right up that street. :)
@buddyesd @OhmaCharly @OlgaGarcia @JamieDavies @serapisces everything I hear about this show just makes me wish it would hurry up and air already! Is anyone else as impatient as I am?
@OhmaCharly i haven't got to watch yet :( i need a Netflix weekend to start catching up
@buddyesd my list is so long it's just plain sad lol. I also love to keep up with Agent of Shields and how it plays out with the movies.
@OhmaCharly lots of good stuff lol
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