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Let's admit it. We all have multiple biases. Yes, there's the familiar Ultimate Bias, but we tend to have various other biases that we just can't explain or rank. Mostly because we know that we like them, but can't quite point out exactly what makes them a bias. Time to figure it out!
Here are 10 different kinds of K-pop biases that I think people have. Let me know if I missed any! ^_^

The Ultimate Bias

The one bias to rule them all! This bias is a forever bias. Regardless of what groups you are currently into or how in touch you are with your inner K-pop fangirl, they will ALWAYS be you bias. And seeing them anywhere will give you butterflies and make your day!

The Bias Wrecker

The one bias to ruin them all! This bias will appear like a storm and take over your heart. And push away your other biases, momentarily. There are two kinds of bias wreckers. One is the kind that only catches your attention when you stumble upon their MVs or variety shows. The other is the kind that will become one of any of the other 9 kinds of biases.

The Maknae Bias

That one maknae that always makes you smile. You could literally have one in every group. Especially the ones that don't look like a maknae...at all. I am talking about you, Chansung.

The 4D Bias

Just when you thought you couldn't find a bigger dork, you run into this adorkable 4D goober. They are usually lost in their own world and often don't make any sense. But that's why we like them. They are precious.

The Drama Bias

Usually the bias that you never even noticed until they appeared in a drama. Or that bias who you were introduced thanks to a K-drama. Thank you Protect The Boss for showing me Jaejoong!

The Ship Bias

That one ship that you just can't ignore. They break your heart with their bromance. You may have multiple ship biases but their is an ultimate ship that you ship. Don't even deny it.

The Vocalist Bias

I feel like I am the only one that has this kind of a bias. The kind where you don't even really know the idol very well and don't really watch their interviews or variety shows. You purely like them for their voice. It doesn't even matter if you can't see them. I blame K-drama OSTs for this.

The Lost Puppy Bias

Ever find that one group member that is constantly lost? It's almost like they're from another planet. They usually have no idea what's going on and you can't help but adore them. Also very precious.

The Odd One Out Bias

This is that one member you just want to hug and make sure they are okay. They don't really fit their role in the group. They might be the maknae, but they look the oldest. They might be the leader, but they are constantly clueless. In a way, they make no sense. But they steal your heart none-the-less.

The Super Secret Bias

You know that one bias you NEVER TALK ABOUT. And NO ONE will ever know about it. Honestly, there is no real reason as to why this bias is a big secret. But they just are. The world can never find out!
Just one of the many struggles of being a K-pop fan. Explaining multiple biases. Hahaha.
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awww truth!
Omg don't worry, you are not the only one with a vocalist bias! Jun. K and Dongwoo are both vocalist biases for me! xD
this is pretty much the most accurate thing ever
@Jiyongixoxo agreed haha
My ultimate is Leeteuk, and my ship bias is D&E! Forever an ELF!